Mesaj către cetăţenii albanezi – Message to Albanian citizens

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2 comentarii

  1. Daniel spune:

    Mr Bostinaru,

    I am writing form Albania in response to your letter addressed to our people. First let me congratulate you for choosing the best way to reply to such accuses. An open letter ,to my opinion, is always a better reply. Let me tell you that i am 26 and i have lost any hope in our politicians. Hearing about your letter reminded me that still exists honest people that fight against hypocrisy and corruption. I really wish that you will continue this way. People like you are the ones that Albania needs not some „smiley faces” that only care about money and fame.

    With the kindest regards

  2. Aidan Bujoc spune:

    I’ve followed the debate in the European Parliament with Topalli making those very aqwuard remarks for someone holding her position. First of all she does’t know what her own words mean. How can you accuse anyone of being racist against a nation?! In worst case someone is xenophobe against Albanian, Romanian or any other citizen but not racist. Then is the question of look who is raising their voice? Have the albanians forgotten the events in January when orders from the Albanian Government were to pop the heads of the protesters? I have nothing to prove, but I’ve never seen such mockery in the European Parliament coming from a person who is suppose to represent the interest of their people. Topalli does not have the right to speak for 3 million Albanians. One person cannot represent a whole nation as I’m sure the people there are not like this. Wake up Albania!